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  1. Hey I remember this piece when it came out. Never did anyone try harder not to talk to a reporter, and then somehow [as if they duped them intentionally] get them to publish a better article than if they had sucked up! Good on yous!

    Nostalgia : That Carmenere was one of the most interesting and most exciting wines I had in my time in Chile. What I was really impressed by was layer after layer of deep meaty, spicy and sweet flavors and a certain organic dirty sort of authenticity.

    All in all it just wasn’t those one-dimensional wines one so often encounters in warmer Chilean mega-branded-bodegas. The finish on that wine was awesome–lingering and luscious,like a 50,000 peso finish on a 5,000 peso wine!

    I have been patient : when are we going toseesome wine at Vintages or the LCBO. Canada needs Garage!

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