Muy wueno el Wain! New Wine Mag has great attitude

wain1We take off our hat to Alejandro Jimenez and the team at “Wain” the newly released wee-nay magay-zeenay. First issue is chock a block full of wines, industry anecdotes (Who’d have thought the Rolling Stones would finally break into wine only to release a Canadian Ice Wine?) ah, and good to eats too. What is notable [read gobstopping] is the mag’s tone, and lack of pretension. It is as fresh as Sauvignon from Limarí. At long last a much needed dose of Bonny Doon found it’s way to Chile! Heaven’s to Mergatroid! Take the blazers off folks, you wouldn’t want to stain those worsted cuffs!

Sad Note : be sure to check out “Wain” in print, because it’s web [no link intended ] is the same old uninspired flash®-wank our wine industry is famous for.

Sacamos el sombrero para Alejandro Jimenez y el equipo de “Wain” — la nueva revista de “weeneh” recien lanzada. El primer numero está lleno de vinos, datos y ricas cochinadas para comer. Lo que marca es su tono, notoriamente menos pretensióso– una frescura como si fuera de Limarí! Wow, una dosis de Bonny Doon llegó a Chile por fin! Sacan sus blazers para verlo por favor!

Nota : vale verlo en papel porque su web [sin link para salvarles el sufrimiento] es una paja en flash igualita a casi todas en nuestra querida industria como siempre.

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