# 23 Mountain Cabernet – 2009 (released Nov 2010)

For those of you who have been following along as smitten as are we with the fruit from San Juan de Pirque (remember #14, # 16 and # 18) you are certainly going to like this year’s mountain grown Cab. This is the same fruit from the Upper Maipo above San Juan de Pirque at […]

# 21 Cabernet Franc – 2009 Maipo Alto Released – Nov 2010

We began working with Cabernet Franc fruit as an element for the Cab blend we make– and it grew on us. We began working in Pirque where an ancient river bed of the Claro River passed through where a larger vineyard now sits. The pieces where the river ran through are truly magical earthsto make Cab […]

Lot #20 Pinot Noir – 2009 Maipo Alto Released – Nov 2010

Pure Pinot Noir fruit  from San Juan de Pirque single vineyard in the Maipo Alto (muy Alto Maipo at almost 1000 metres). Crafted with open-top fermenters, caps are punched down by hand and pressing is strictly manual. Maceration was relatively short 3-4 days previous to fermentation and 2-3 post. After fermentation it was aged for […]

Release – vinos cosecha 2008 (precio por caja) / Futures Cosecha 2009 ahora disponibles

Unos pocos vinos de la cosecha 2008 estan todavia disponibles por botella en el Super Mercado Diez, Portillo y Opera. Los restos estan ya reservados para la gente participando en Futures 2009. Hay unos pocos “Futures Allotments” todavía disponible. Estos son vinos de 2009 todavia en barrica por entrega aprox marzo 2010. Estan disponibles por […]