# 23 Mountain Cabernet – 2009 (released Nov 2010)

For those of you who have been following along as smitten as are we with the fruit from San Juan de Pirque (remember #14, # 16 and # 18) you are certainly going to like this year’s mountain grown Cab. This is the same fruit from the Upper Maipo above San Juan de Pirque at almost 1ooo metres above the sea– that we picked a little earlier still this year.

#23 was made from fruit from just about as high in the Andes next to the Maipo river foothills as one can get. It was farmed with natural low-yields due to adverse conditions that give it a juicy acidity and the broad rounded shoulders you have come to expect.

The fruit was harvested in very early May, was cold macerated for 10 days on its skins, fermented in 500 L bins with manual punching down or pistonage. It was post macerated 12 days and it grew into a bigger beast than last year. If it has more wood it is only because of the two barrels of this blend lost to Chile’s quake earlier in the year. It is deep garnet in colour, big on fruit (the touch of jamminess) yet with the customary elegance and robustness that some say defy co-existence.

Most of this wine has been exported to UK, Denmark, earmarked for Canada & US but there is  a larger allocation for Chile (or a new importer) than ever due to slightly larger volume this year.

#23 has the same characteristic dried cherries of old Cabernet, some plum, a spicey mid-field, a lingering note of chestnut, and long brooding finish. This wine is perhaps a little less approachable upon release than last year’s but should cellar significantly longer.

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# 21 Cabernet Franc – 2009 Maipo Alto Released – Nov 2010

We began working with Cabernet Franc fruit as an element for the Cab blend we make– and it grew on us. We began working in Pirque where an ancient river bed of the Claro River passed through where a larger vineyard now sits. The pieces where the river ran through are truly magical earthsto make Cab Franc.

There are many Cab Francs in Chile that are great elements for blending i.e. they offer a fuller rounder “middle-eight” to a Cab based blend, but this fruit near Pirque was the first that we found that had the clarity of fruit to stand on it’s own. It has the floral notes that one is accustomed to from the Loire.

#21 was made from fruit high in the foot hills of the Andes near Pirque. It was farmed with naturally low yields due to less hospitable conditions that help to give it a juicy acidity and broad rounded shoulders.  The fruit was harvested in mid-May, was cold macerated for longer than usual because of naturally low temps (8 days on its skins), fermented in 500 L bins with strictly manual punching down. It was post macerated 9 days and it grew into a bigger wine than last years # 19. (If it has more structure it is only because the softer part of the blend that was in neutral barrels was lost to Chile’s quake earlier in the year. It is deep in colour, big on fruit and structure yet with the Franc elegance seldom seen in the new world. We think this comes from being made in small batches by hand with ones hands and nose so close to its crafting.

Most of this wine has been exported to UK, Denmark, earmarked for the US but there is a larger allocation for Chile (or a new importer) than ever due to slightly larger volume this year.

Jancis Robinson tried the wine in London last Sept (2010) :

Garage Wine Co, #21 Cabernet Franc 2009 Maipo
16 Drink 2011-2015 Derek Mossman Knapp’s winery is using fruit from 25-year-old vines for this polished, scented varietal. Complex though youthful and a little inky at the moment. Dry finish. Needs a bit of time in bottle. £10-15

James Suckling tasted it years later in 2016

Www. James Suckling .com

Cabernet Franc Lot # 21 – 2009 – 95 pts
James Suckling (Best Cab Franc of Chile)

Incredible nose of crushed raspberries and flowers. Bay leaf too. Pureness of fruit here. Full body, round and silky tannins and a beautiful freshness and length. A fabulous wine. About 14 barrels made. Try to find it. Drink now.



Lot #20 Pinot Noir – 2009 Maipo Alto Released – Nov 2010

Pure Pinot Noir fruit  from San Juan de Pirque single vineyard in the Maipo Alto (muy Alto Maipo at almost 1000 metres). Crafted with open-top fermenters, caps are punched down by hand and pressing is strictly manual. Maceration was relatively short 3-4 days previous to fermentation and 2-3 post. After fermentation it was aged for a year and a half in neutral French oak barrels of 3 or 4 uses. Fewer than two thousand bottles made.

100 % Pinot Noir

100 % Barrel Aged  (second & third use neutral French barrels)

Total Production:  900+ bottles

Alcohol        13.6% (Vol%)
Volatile Acidity        0.46 g/l
pH            3.55
Total Acidity        4,79 g/l Tartaric Acid
Reducing Sugar    3,o g/l

Note : We have been making Pinot Noir off and on when  fruit strikes us to be particularly interesting. They are small batches of 2-3 barrels as we seek the fruit that we like most. The idea of mountain fruit came from the fruits proximity to our mountain Cabernet Vineyard. The soils whilst close together are completely different owing to the narrow upper Maipo above San Juan de Pirque. These colluvial soils for the Pinot are along the edge of the foothills themselves whilst the Cabernet alluvials are further down next the river– the valley is very much a narrow gorge in San Juan. This is an older Chilean clone made with low yields due to the altitude and more trying conditions for growing the fruit. The wine was fermented more quickly than the Cabs and was lightly pressed by hand in an old basket press. Wine bottled in recycled glass.
Enjoy 2010 – 12

Futures 2009 (offering now closed)

Each Vintage Garage Wine Co. offers wine “Futures” whilst the wines are still in the barrel. These wines are allocated at a special case price and delivered a few months later (in bottle after harvest in July-August).

This year there are barrels of Mountain Cabernet from the Maipo Alto from both Principal and San Juan de Pirque, Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir.

After much tasting and comparing (with outside Winemakers in the group) we have decided the 2009’s have more potential than the 2008’s and thus we have decided to raise this year’s Futures price by about a dollar a bottle to $75oo / bottle or  $ 9o,ooo / case of 12. The Future’s cases are a mix of the wines made in that given year in direct proportion to the number of bottles produced. This year there are aprox 52oo bottles.

For those of you who are new to this concept those who took advantage of last years wines Futures and bought in at $7,ooo / bottle watched the wines rise to $ 11,ooo – 14,ooo bottle on the shelf only a few months later. We expect a similar phenomenon this year especially after all the press over MOVI and the terrific scores these wines received in the guides just published.

La guia de Vinos de Chile – The Wine Guide of Chile
90 pts – #18 Cabernet Carignan

Guía Mujer & Vinos – Womens Wine Guide
90 pts – #16 Cabernet de Montaña Maipo Alto
90 pts – #17 Carignan Viejas Parras del Secano Costero

We are sorry but this offering has been closed.

Derek – new mobile :  +569 9750 0379  / derek@garagewineco.cl

At work in the Garage 2009

Release – vinos cosecha 2008 (precio por caja) / Futures Cosecha 2009 ahora disponibles

Unos pocos vinos de la cosecha 2008 estan todavia disponibles por botella en el Super Mercado Diez, Portillo y Opera. Los restos estan ya reservados para la gente participando en Futures 2009.

Hay unos pocos “Futures Allotments” todavía disponible. Estos son vinos de 2009 todavia en barrica por entrega aprox marzo 2010. Estan disponibles por caja mixta 12 botellas en $90,ooo ($7,5oo / botella) para un tiempo limitado mientras hay cuota.

(Ojo los vinos de 2008 hoy se vende en aprox $ 11,ooo – $ 14,ooo)

Vease las paginas de los vinos aquí:

Barrica # 16 – Cabernet Alto Maipo,
Barrica #17 Carignan / Field Blend
Barrica #18 Cabernet – Carignan Blend

Con cualquier duda favor llamame directo-  mobile: 9750 0379 o linea fija: +562 717 7337 en casa.

Inspecting fruit in Maipo

dscn1733We have been out on various occasions to inspect a Cabernet in the Upper Maipo and believe we have found a new high-end mountain Cab fruit to work with. The bonus is seems is that there is a Cabernet Franc worth working with as well. This fruit is closer to the river Maipo with a spectacular backdrop of the Andes. The skins are think and flavourful the seeds almost ripe so we shall pick the final week of April.

In other news we are going to be making a Syrah this year from Maipo– the extreme south of Maipo near the coast beyond Melipilla. We also have our eyes on some Petit Verdot for blending down there as well.


Vintage 2009 beginning– Pinot from Leyda

gwco-livin2The 2009 vintage has begun with the cutting and crushing of 500 kgs of Pinot from Leyda. The strict technical specs will be known soon but the fruit is macerating and is looking good. The bunches were small [tiny] with concentrated fruit and lots of flavour. Leyda has changed  a great deal over the past few years with lots of steep [K2 steep] hillside planting and really interesting sites. More photos soon…

What chemistry

What chemistry, we are often asked, transpires in the bosom of our barrels where the wines slumber for a year before bottling. In truth we cannot precisely say.

It is a matter of history of course that wine is better crafted in small lots with care and attention, but why then are there so few small wineries like our coveted Garage?

It is a matter of fact, over these many years, that dark inky musts go in to our barrels and deep brooding elixirs come out.

We might perhaps find the clue with the visitors who periodically stop in to explore the matter first-hand. ‘Witchcraft’ they insist, as they polish off their cups. ‘But sorcery is just undiscovered science, and we’d like to take a few bottles with us to ponder the matter further’.