Vignadores de Carignan Launches – from Www . Jancis Robinson . com

Vignadores de Carignan 26 Oct 2011 – Www . Jancis Robinson . com Derek Mossman Knapp wrote on Monday in Maule – slow recuperation about how he spent his Geoffrey Roberts travel award. Here, in the form of a Q & A, he describes the most concrete result of his attempts to re-evaluate Maule’s old […]

Garage Small Farmer's Programme on Jancis Robinson . com

Maule – slow recuperation 24 Oct 2011 – Derek Mossman Knapp of The Garage Wine Co in Chile was the winner of the 2010 Geoffrey Roberts Award. He told us he wanted to spend his £3,000/$4,500  travel grant researching the best of the old vines in Chile’s long-overlooked Maule region (particularly hard hit by […]

Satellite Voices – Staunchly independent and artisinal hero vintner…

Text by Terence Teh –  Satellite Voices website The Garage Wine Company is a true celebration of craft and amazing artisinal spirit from a unique and staunchly independent winery. A family run collective who actually did start back in 2001 in their family garage, they are proud founding members of MOVI – Movement of Independent […]

America's Most Wanted Tasting – London

Garage Wine Co. Dry-Farmed Old Bush Vine Carignan 2010 by Gareth Groves – London There were an awful lot of fantastic wines at our Americas’ Most Wanted Tasting on Tuesday: old Californian Pinots from Calera, the latest releases of Catena’s stunning single vineyard Malbecs and Corison Cabernet to name but a few. However, the wine […]

1-Wine-Dude Joe Roberts Interview (Derek rants about MOVI, GWCo, wine, Chile et al

After his Chile visit and tasting with MOVI Joe Roberts called Derek Mossman of MOVI  for an extended SKYPE interview… …and general rant all about Chilean wine, the independent movement, it’s beginnings, vision, successes and future. See an excerpt of Joe’s article here and pinch the link for the MP3 at the end or right […]

Josh Raynolds speaks about MOVI and tastes Garage x 3

a growing number of small producers has been emboldened to produce wines on what would have been considered an untenably small scale just a few years ago. Many of these “garage” wineries are part of a new trade group known as MOVI (Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes;, and, in finding international distribution, they have overcome the stereotype of Chilean wine being large-scale and commercial

1 Wine Dude comes over to ours for a full-MOVI

A true delight this week to have had Joe Roberts a.k.a. 1 Wine Dude blogger pioneer and Mike Dunne of California stop over to our’s for dinner and full-MOVI tasting during their recent visit to Chile. ( terrific blog see here ) What struck me most reflecting back on three hours of tasting and discussion […]

Approaching Harvest – 2011

Harvest 2011 is fast approaching and the brix are rising slowly after uncustomary (for this time of year) rains. Work with various producers new and old is going to make Carignan (& Grenache) very interesting this year. Prepare for some eldery, elegant dry-farmed Cabernet from Maule as well. We have definitely broken all personal records […]