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A short docu about MoVI

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MOVI – Chilean Wine In Motion (Preview)

“In some ways MOVI answers the call of what the world is looking for in wine today.” – Your’s turly waxes poetic about MOVI

A MOVI Feast

August 7 – Lyn Farmer USA

Screenshot 2014-08-10 09.39.10  Excerpts from Lyn Farmer’s latest piece on his MOVI tasting in Santiago

…the quintet of vignerons offered a single wine from each of MOVI’s members and I have to say, I’ve rarely tasted a more consistently compelling portfolio. These wines are exciting…

…What is so stunning about MOVI’s success is that, in economic terms, the group’s wines account for only .05% of Chile’s export wine sales, and yet their impact is much greater than that figure would suggest. Wherever MOVI wines are sold, they become fully accredited Screenshot 2014-08-10 09.38.57ambassadors of Chile’s achievements as one of the world’s great producers…

…It’s important to understand that MOVI isn’t locked in a David and Goliath battle with the Chilean wine establishment. After all, I was introduced to MOVI by the organizers of Catad’Or, a competition sponsored in large part by the wine establishment. They wanted to give as complete a picture of the Chilean wine industry as possible, and it is true that the picture would be terribly incomplete without MOVI…

… It seems to me that MOVI is in fact viewed with covert pride by the establishment – it presents no threat to the commercial supremacy of the big players, and the group certainly sets a quality benchmark to which the others seem happy to aspire. And best of all, the group is making distinctive, exciting wines that are now becoming available in the U.S. I think it’s only a matter of time until that MOVI icon is understood as a guarantor of quality in the U.S. as well…


See full article here on Lyn’s website

Read about Garage in En Route on Air Canada this month

Screenshot 2014-08-05 09.15.15  … a quiet street lined with cascading bougainvilleas in Santiago’s Providencia neighbourhood, you wouldn’t guess there’s a revolution under way. But from his home, Canadian ex-pat Derek Mossman Knapp is busy shaking up the wine scene – one terroir-driven bottle at a time…


… a cooler full of wine bottles waiting to be uncorked, including a few from Mossman and Miranda’s Garage Wine Co. and Solar’s Viña la Reserva de Caliboro. Both boutique wineries are founding members of MOVI – Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes (Movement of Independent Vintners) – a tiny (18 members and counting) group of producers…

Read the full article :

Garage Wine Co. are proud Air Canada frequent fliers.



The Best of Southernmost South America – article

Screenshot 2014-08-05 07.25.59Wayne Bernardson In March, just before returning to California, I had a chance to visit Derek at the Caliboro vineyards, in the Maule region, where he harvests and processes the grapes for their old-vine Carignan – a rejuvenated sensation in the industry. Recently, he responded to a series of email questions I sent him on his company and other recent developments in the local industry…
DM: Dry-farming is the colonial history of viticulture in Chile. Here in Maule and further south in Itata are the two cradles of viticulture in South America. This was the frontier of the Spanish colonies…
Screenshot 2014-08-05 07.27.12DM: MOVI is a healthy counter-culture aimed at a burgeoning worldly wine public. And yes we are heaps less conventional – a convent is less conventional than the Chilean wine industry, I am afraid. That said, we are but a small minority, for the majority of the world’s romance will continue to be made over a ten dollar bottle of wine made in a large vat of a corporate winery for many years to come. The good news is that a ten-dollar bottle has gotten a lot better over the past few years – especially if you buy Chilean.

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Canadian Gothic

My brother David came to help with harvest prep and couldn’t resist:

“Canadian Gothic”

“South American Gothic”

Nivaldo Otelia in Sauzal

“Korean Gothic”

Korean Gothic

"Newcomer vintners shaking up Chilean wine scene"

Excerpts from Associated Press article published this week

Derek on AP
(Associated Press – AP Photo/Luis Hidalgo)

“For us it’s about getting back to our roots to make some great juice,” said Miranda, 40, who started making wines in the garage with her ski-coach Canadian husband and created the whimsically named Garage Wine Co.”

Associated Press did a story about MOVI / newcomer vintners recently and the story was picked up around the world over the wire. See links for full story below…
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