Read about Garage in En Route on Air Canada this month

  … a quiet street lined with cascading bougainvilleas in Santiago’s Providencia neighbourhood, you wouldn’t guess there’s a revolution under way. But from his home, Canadian ex-pat Derek Mossman Knapp is busy shaking up the wine scene – one terroir-driven bottle at a time…   … a cooler full of wine bottles waiting to be […]

The Best of Southernmost South America – article

Wayne Bernardson In March, just before returning to California, I had a chance to visit Derek at the Caliboro vineyards, in the Maule region, where he harvests and processes the grapes for their old-vine Carignan – a rejuvenated sensation in the industry. Recently, he responded to a series of email questions I sent him on […]

MOVI stars and VIGNO hits from Chile

by Richard Hemming 4 Jancis Robinson . com MOVI and VIGNO are acronyms for two winemaking movements in Chile, spearheaded by the 2010 Geoffrey Robert’s Award winner, Derek Mossman Knapp. A self-described ‘pushy Canadian from Maule’, Knapp is indefatigably devoted to his cause of championing the lesser known face of Chilean wine. MOVI represents a […]

Jancis Robinson Writes about VIGNO in FT

” Then came the Movi movement, a grouping of ambitious small-scale wine producers dotted around the country who realised, in 2009, that by joining together and singing the praises of small companies versus big, they could create much more noise than by operating independently. And now we have another much more geographically and varietally specific […]

Gostei muito do Lot # 27 Old-vine Carignan Field Blend 2010 da vinícola GWCo.

Gostei muito do Lot # 27 Old-vine Carignan Field Blend 2010 da vinícola Garage Wine Co. Corte de 80% Carignan de vinhas velhas e 11% Grenache, e com 13,9% de álcool, que totalmente integrado com taninos presentes e bons, e acidez, que é ótima, faz deste vinho uma novidade Chilena, pois estas uvas não são […]

1-Wine-Dude Joe Roberts Interview (Derek rants about MOVI, GWCo, wine, Chile et al

After his Chile visit and tasting with MOVI Joe Roberts called Derek Mossman of MOVI  for an extended SKYPE interview… …and general rant all about Chilean wine, the independent movement, it’s beginnings, vision, successes and future. See an excerpt of Joe’s article here and pinch the link for the MP3 at the end or right […]

Josh Raynolds speaks about MOVI and tastes Garage x 3

a growing number of small producers has been emboldened to produce wines on what would have been considered an untenably small scale just a few years ago. Many of these “garage” wineries are part of a new trade group known as MOVI (Movimiento de Viñateros Independientes;, and, in finding international distribution, they have overcome the stereotype of Chilean wine being large-scale and commercial