The Best of Southernmost South America – article

Wayne Bernardson In March, just before returning to California, I had a chance to visit Derek at the Caliboro vineyards, in the Maule region, where he harvests and processes the grapes for their old-vine Carignan – a rejuvenated sensation in the industry. Recently, he responded to a series of email questions I sent him on […]

MOVI stars and VIGNO hits from Chile

by Richard Hemming 4 Jancis Robinson . com MOVI and VIGNO are acronyms for two winemaking movements in Chile, spearheaded by the 2010 Geoffrey Robert’s Award winner, Derek Mossman Knapp. A self-described ‘pushy Canadian from Maule’, Knapp is indefatigably devoted to his cause of championing the lesser known face of Chilean wine. MOVI represents a […]

Jefford on Monday: Land of Flesh and Honey

Decanter – Andrew Jefford April 1 2013 Even the most moderate consumer of on-line wine-writing last year must have read somewhere or other about Vigno: Chile’s ‘Vignadores de Carignan’. This was partly a tribute to the Association’s roving ambassador, Derek Mossman Knapp, and his laid-back, understated but burr-like Canadian tenacity, but the main reason why […]

Vinography: Forgotten Jewels– Reviving Chile's Old Vine Carignane

As a child, the lure of archeology cannot be denied. Fantasies of discovering ancient treasures fuel the dreams of many youngsters, as they did my adolescent imagination. These days, such notions have been replaced in my life with interests no less exciting in the wine world. For the curious wine lover, opportunities abound to explore […]

VIGNO in WineAnorak – Jamie Goode

Wine Anorak (January 2012) — Jamie Goode Excerpt : Vigno (pronounced veenio) is short for Vignadores de Carignan. It’s a new collaborative project to promote old vine Carignan wines from Maule, and the name Vignadores is a mutation from the Spanish term for winegrower, viñadores, with the ‘g’ from Carignan added in. Old vine Carignan […]

Gostei muito do Lot # 27 Old-vine Carignan Field Blend 2010 da vinícola GWCo.

Gostei muito do Lot # 27 Old-vine Carignan Field Blend 2010 da vinícola Garage Wine Co. Corte de 80% Carignan de vinhas velhas e 11% Grenache, e com 13,9% de álcool, que totalmente integrado com taninos presentes e bons, e acidez, que é ótima, faz deste vinho uma novidade Chilena, pois estas uvas não são […]

Vignadores de Carignan Launches – from Www . Jancis Robinson . com

Vignadores de Carignan 26 Oct 2011 – Www . Jancis Robinson . com Derek Mossman Knapp wrote on Monday in Maule – slow recuperation about how he spent his Geoffrey Roberts travel award. Here, in the form of a Q & A, he describes the most concrete result of his attempts to re-evaluate Maule’s old […]

Garage Small Farmer's Programme on Jancis Robinson . com

Maule – slow recuperation 24 Oct 2011 – Derek Mossman Knapp of The Garage Wine Co in Chile was the winner of the 2010 Geoffrey Roberts Award. He told us he wanted to spend his £3,000/$4,500  travel grant researching the best of the old vines in Chile’s long-overlooked Maule region (particularly hard hit by […]