MOVI stars and VIGNO hits from Chile

by Richard Hemming 4 Jancis Robinson . com MOVI and VIGNO are acronyms for two winemaking movements in Chile, spearheaded by the 2010 Geoffrey Robert’s Award winner, Derek Mossman Knapp. A self-described ‘pushy Canadian from Maule’, Knapp is indefatigably devoted to his cause of championing the lesser known face of Chilean wine. MOVI represents a […]

I-wine publishes on VIGNO & GWCo

Posted  April 14, 2013 by Don After decades of successfully exporting good quality entry level wines, Chile has emerged as an important producer of premium wine. In our Re- port #21: The Chilean Wine Revolution (February 2010) we called attention to the increasing number of wineries that are producing new and exciting wines in re-discovered […]

# 23 Mountain Cabernet – 2009 (released Nov 2010)

For those of you who have been following along as smitten as are we with the fruit from San Juan de Pirque (remember #14, # 16 and # 18) you are certainly going to like this year’s mountain grown Cab. This is the same fruit from the Upper Maipo above San Juan de Pirque at […]

# 21 Cabernet Franc – 2009 Maipo Alto Released – Nov 2010

We began working with Cabernet Franc fruit as an element for the Cab blend we make– and it grew on us. We began working in Pirque where an ancient river bed of the Claro River passed through where a larger vineyard now sits. The pieces where the river ran through are truly magical earthsto make Cab […]

Lot #20 Pinot Noir – 2009 Maipo Alto Released – Nov 2010

Pure Pinot Noir fruit  from San Juan de Pirque single vineyard in the Maipo Alto (muy Alto Maipo at almost 1000 metres). Crafted with open-top fermenters, caps are punched down by hand and pressing is strictly manual. Maceration was relatively short 3-4 days previous to fermentation and 2-3 post. After fermentation it was aged for […]

#16 Mountain Cabernet – Maipo Alto (released May 09 – sold out)

If you loved #14 you are certainly going to love this year’s mountain Cab. For those of you who invested early you are going to be thrilled about this wine [please forgive my excessive modesty for now until you try the wine and understand]. This is the same fruit from the Upper Maipo, that we […]

#17 Carignan / Field Blend – 2008 (released May 09 – sold out)

This might be called our funky wine for 2008. It is the marraige of Old Bush Vine (80+yrs) Carignan from Maule  [75%] and a Field Blend we made from Maipo 25%. The Carignan is fascinating for its freshness, spiceness, different flavour profile and perhaps most because it comes from an area where vineyards have over […]

#18 Cabernet / Carignan (released May 09 – sold out)

This wine is perhaps a species of “ending of our beginning” for GWCo. The base or core of this wine is Cabernet from the Maipo made in classic style with both floral elegance, big shouldered firmness and that deep brooding fruit of our previous vintages working with this fruit. Various lots go in to this […]